Talyer Auto Care - Diorama (Im Ji)

This is my first attempt of making my own garage diorama for 1:24. Tools and accessories are 50% fabricated and the other 50% are from online store.

Since this is my first time to create my own garage diorama a lot of browsing in the internet was done, watch some tutorial from online videos and looked on a lot of photos for reference. The next step is to plan how I want my garage to be look like and materials to be used. The main body of the garage is made from illustration board, mdf board for the base, post and stairs are made up of 20mm cardboard, CD case for the glass, LED for the lights powered by 12V adaptor and for the shutter I used barbecue stick covered with foil tape.

Fabricating tools and other stuffs for the garage is really hard for a first timer like me. I made the ladder, tire rack, tables and tool chest from things that available at bookstore and supermarket. Ladder is made up of coffee stirrer and BB-Q stick, and again BB-Q stick and 20mm card board for the tire rack. I used illustration board, paper clip and foil tape to make working tables. And the tool chest was made using illustration board and paperclips. For other garage accessories that I think is impossible for me to make with my bare hands I just leave the job to my index finger to click on the mouse to get it on the online store…. .

Lights are LED powered by 9V power adaptor.

Upper level of the garage is the office.


  1. man! i am one of your fans from Indonesia..this one is very cool!