Jinri 2.0 Diorama tutorial....

First create a frame box with an opening on the top and front side.
For this project I use 2mm of card board, taken from a box file. Other materials can be used are illustration board, acrylic plastic sheet or mdf board/wood, which ever you prefer.

If you have a budget Acrylic and MDF  will be the right choice these will make your project more stronger.

Cut the foam board  that will fit on each side of the frame, then remove one  side of the paper layer  using water and bare hand.

Making (CMU) hollow blocks using foam board.

Size of the hollow block is 15mm by 75mm. Use the pencil to make the blocks, make sure that the pencil is always sharp.
Do not use too much force on making the lines otherwise it will be too deep.

Once the walls are created, fit it again to make sure everything is in correct shape.

Don’t stick the foam to the frame yet, need to do the doors and window first.

illustration board for the flooring.

Make a holes for the window and garage door.
I added a service door between the garage door and window. I use tongue depressor, soldering lead, illustration board and chopstick.
Made the jamb from chopstick and lead serves as the hinges.

Glass window is made from CD cover.


I painted the walls with green and yellow acrylic paint.

Flooring is painted of the combination of white, black and yellow ochre. (first combine white and black 3:1 ratio, then add 30% of yellow ochre to the black and white mixture). When dried apply dry brushing of black and brown for weathering effect….

When dried apply dry brushing of black and brown for weathering effect….

“I am painting each sections or parts  piece by piece before sticking it together to avoid splatter on other parts.”


Put double sided tape on the walls.

I don’t have the photo but I also added multi-purpose glue so it will stick to the frame very well.

Service door color is same mixture of the paint on the floor just added more yellow ochre color.

Overhead storage

Building overhead storage using  tongue depressor and chopstick.

E-book is available at  Download Page

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