Bower Garage Diorama (Jamilla)

This garage diorama is another time consuming project. A lot of things happening with this garage.

  1. Just like the other Garage Diorama that I made lights are LED's but in this one a lot of wiring installation was made. The white light under the storage/mezzanine is containing 3 bulb in each set of light and the housing is fabricated from simcard holder (old credit/debit card can also be use).
  2. The doors are scratch-built from illustration board painted with brown and silver finished with toothpick to serve as hinges and slight bolt.
  3. Corrugated panel (illustration board) for the roof and mezzanine support.
  4. Fiber optic insulator used as flexible hose for the wiring installation.
  5. 100% scratch-built garage diorama project.

Bowerbird Garage - (Ellen 1/2)