Bowerbird Garage - (Yam)

The garage diorama that I made a lot of mistake start with the with paint I did not notice that the paint I bought is a water color. I over weathered the garage... The doors are too small. The box of the roller door is too big...

BUT I have to enjoy it, it is still one of my "obra maestra"

Here you go....  

Bowerbird Garage - (Jinri)

Every diorama I make I learn new things. Another new to me is the working hinged doors. At first the idea is to have only a rolling doors made from corrugated board but something pop up on my mind, barbecue stick works as hinges and added a working lock from toothpick..

Hideout Diorama

Didn't expect that the finished product will be like this.

I always purchased set of acrylic paint (12 pieces different colors) for my projects but mostly I only use black and white. Since I don't know where can I use the other colors I decided to make this Hideout Diorama and use all the remaining colors. I just painted all the colors combined it to make this dio like an abandoned building.

Bowerbird Garage Diorama - (Ellen)

The execution of this garage diorama start on third quarter of 2012, I have been busy with my work for the past months that is why it takes time for me to finish it.

The materials I used for this project is the same as the previous dio's.

My favorite part of this garage is the sliding door, I am so happy with the outcome because I achieved what I want the garage door is functional. The materials I used are wooden coffee stirrer and illustration board for the sliding door track.

Hope you will enjoy my latest Garage Diorama....