About Me

I love collecting diecast cars and building diorama garage.

My first Die-cast Model Car was a Dodge Viper 1:36 given to me by my younger sister, which was year 2002. And since then I became active in collecting model cars with no particular scale, type, brand or line-up.  If I saw one that catches my attention definitely it will be part my diecast collection.

On  2009 I came to realize that it's time to concentrate on which I like the most eg. scale, type, brand, line-up, manufacturer etc. etc. etc. After thorough thinking... I have decided that for 2010  my purchases will be focused on 1/24 scale.

I’m not the type of collector whose keeping collection’s on the box or on its original package, when I buy a car, from the time I reaches home I’ll be opening the box and inspect the details from the original replica. Hope you’ll keep on looking and enjoy my collection as it keeps on growing.

Also on 2009 I started with my first garage diorama project on 1:24 scale. I really enjoyed making garage for my model cars. Currently I have made 20 plus garage and counting. In every project my goal is always to make it as real as possible.

Check out my Model Cars Collection!


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2016

    Hi, I found your blog by searching garage dioramas in Google though I haven't explored your blog yet, I do love your works. I admire you and I hope I can be like you. I will make my own diorama soon for my 1/64 diecasts and I hope it will be successful. Thanks for your blog!

  2. thank you for dropping by, good luck on your projects....

  3. Man... Your work is really awesome... It's inspiring people like me out there... Do you have Instagram account? I would love to see and admire your works... Keep the good work man!

    1. thanks man, I have instagram but i not able to update it https://www.instagram.com/bowerbirdgarage/

  4. Very nice work... You inspired me a lot. Thanks